Frieze в Лондоне: что посмотреть и куда пойти в период главной британской арт-ярмарки

Из школьного курса все мы помним, что London is the capital of Great Britain. А еще крупнейший город Соединенного Королевства, негласная Мекка андеграунда, модных мест и бунтарей уровня Banksy и Hirst. И если вы хотите окунуться в эстетику культурной жизни британской столицы, то лучшего времени, чем Frieze London, не найти. Почему? Рассказывает коллекционер и сооснователь Popov Foundation и Why Not Agency Евгения Попова.   

Highlights from Frieze London and Frieze Masters 2022

Explore the best artwork and gallery booths at 2022’s Frieze fairs in The Regent’s Park, London.
Bringing together the global art community since 1991.

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Frieze London 2022 | ARSCRONICA

As the global art world descends on London’s Frieze fair this week, the current low value of the UK pound makes buying art from Britain particularly attractive for overseas collectors and dealers. «During Covid, we all felt really nervous and in fact the art market fared very well and so right now there’s a lot of confidence in the market», says Frieze London artistic director Eva Langret. «Certainly things that are priced in pounds seem to be attracting a lot of interest at the moment,» says the Lisson gallery sales director Sam Chatterton Dickson.

Eva Langret, Artistic director of Frieze London
Sam Chatterton Dickson, director of sales of Lisson gallery
Camille Houzé, director of Nicoletti gallery



Frieze Masters Art Fair London 2022 — REVIEW Founder Robert Dunt visits Frieze Masters Art Fair London 2022 to look at the artwork on display and to review this London Art Fair in Regent’s Park. Look out for pieces by David Hockney, Paula Rego, Ben Nicholson and Ivon Hitchens, Picasso, Matisse, Sigma Polke, Barbara Hepworth, and many more. It’s the art fair of the year in London with all the old master paintings, plus furniture, dinosaur skeletons and incredibly expensive rocks!

Wikipedia says —

Frieze Masters brings together six millennia of art – from rare antiquities and Old Master paintings, to icons of the 20th century. Creating an unmissable destination where visitors can discover or acquire a piece of art history, the fair features over 130 of the world’s leading galleries.

Frieze Art Fair is an international contemporary art fair in London, New York, and Los Angeles.[1] Frieze London takes place every October in London’s Regent’s Park. In the US, the fair ran on New York’s Randall’s Island from 2012–19 and in 2021 was held in the Shed at Hudson Yards,[2] with its inaugural Los Angeles edition taking place February 2019.[3][4]

The London edition normally has about 160 exhibitors in Frieze. It is held over four days in a 40,000SqM tent. There is a simultaneous Frieze Masters event showing older work with about 130 exhibitors, and a temporary sculpture park. In 2021 stand rental was £524 per sqM.

The fair was launched by Amanda Sharp and Matthew Slotover, the founders of frieze magazine.

Although staged for the purpose of selling work, out of its 68,000 visitors[5] it was suggested in 2006 that 80% attend purely to spectate.[6] The fair also commissions artist projects and holds a programme of talks. The galleries who apply each year are selected by gallerists who participate at Frieze, according to specific criteria.[7]

Frieze Art Fair released sales figures following the first three fairs. However, Sharp and Slotover came to regard such results to be misleading and inaccurate, as many sales are completed post-fair, and many galleries choose to keep their sales figures private. From 2006 the fair has not released sales figures.[5]

In 2010, Matthew Slotover, co-founder of the fair, debated whether «art fairs are about money» with Louisa Buck, Matthew Collings, and Jasper Joffe for the motion and against the motion Norman Rosenthal, Richard Wentworth, Matthew Slotover.[8] Joffe claims that his criticisms of Frieze Art Fair led to his work being banned from the fair in 2010.[9]

In May 2011, Slotover and Sharp announced the launch of two new art fairs – Frieze New York, and Frieze Masters.[10]

Since the mid-2000s, auction houses Christie’s, Sotheby’s and Phillips have expanded their mid-season contemporary sales that coincided with Frieze London.[11]

Frieze website says —

About Frieze
Frieze is a media and events company that comprises three publications, frieze magazine, Frieze Masters Magazine and Frieze Week; and four international art fairs, Frieze London, Frieze LA, Frieze New York, Frieze Seoul and Frieze Masters; regular talks and summits, led by frieze editors; and — the definitive resource for contemporary art and culture.

What makes Frieze London different from other art fairs?
Frieze London is one of the few fairs to focus only on contemporary art and living artists. The fair’s exhibiting galleries represent some of the most exciting artists working today, from the emerging to the iconic; and a team of world-leading independent curators advise on feature sections, making possible performance-based work and ambitious presentations by emerging galleries. The fair focuses on living artists and innovative practice. Unlike most other fairs, Frieze takes place at the heart of its host city, forming part of London’s vibrant cultural fabric and international art scene. How many people attend the fair and who are they?
Over the past years, we have had over 60,000 visitors to Frieze London and Frieze Masters combined. These visitors included those with an interest in the art world, such as curators, artists, collectors, gallerists and critics, as well as the general public. Some visit as first-time collectors of art whilst others view the fair more as an exhibition, enjoying the experience as a cultural day out.

Выставка FRIEZE Art Fair–2022

В Лондоне открылась ежегодная художественная ярмарка Frieze Art Fair — одна из самых влиятельных в мире ярмарок, посвященных современному искусству. Она проводится каждый октябрь в самом сердце Лондона, в Риджентс-парке.

Frieze Art Fair объединяет две ярмарки — Frieze London и Frieze Masters, — и выставку скульптур в парке — Frieze Sculpture. В этом году на Frieze Art Fair представлено 280 галерей из 42 стран.

Выставочные галереи ярмарки Frieze London представляют одних из самых интересных художников, работающих сегодня, от начинающих до культовых.

Frieze London была основана в 2003 году Амандой Шарп и Мэтью Слотовером. Её директор — Ева Лангрет.

Frieze Masters — это уникальный взгляд на отношения между историческим искусством и современной практикой, демонстрация работ, созданных до 2000 года, тогда как Frieze London представляет работы, созданные в основном после 2000 года.

Frieze Sculpture, соединяющая Frieze London и Frieze Masters, представляет собой бесплатную экспозицию крупных скульптурных работ на открытом воздухе, расположенную в Английских садах Риджентс-парка. Работы для Frieze Sculpture-2022 выбрала Клэр Лилли, программный директор Йоркширского парка скульптур. Frieze Sculpture бесплатна и открыта для всех с середины сентября до середины ноября. Выставка Frieze Sculpture, задуманная как спутник больших ярмарок Frieze, проходит в этом году в десятый раз.

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